Welcome To Southern Spaghetti blog!

About The Blog:

Southern Spaghetti is a man blog that want to celebrate beauty. I mean, everybody like beautiful things! Even if this blog is mainly based on fashion, you can find posts about beautiful artworks, beautiful songs, beautiful girls, beautiful cars, beautiful sneakers, and everything that’s cool too.

In this blog you can also see the fashion trends and find idea of what wearing or what to buy with the „Southern Spaghetti Weekly Fashion Selection“.

Usually i don’t write much, because i think that an image explain itself without words.

Why „Southern Spaghetti“?

Because it sounds like Spaghetti Western, and i come from Naples (south) where spaghetti were invented.

About Me:

I’m an Italian living in Geneva, Switzerland. I study Economics in Geneva University.  I’m interested in Fashion, Design, Movies, Music, and everything that a young student usually like! 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy.


If you want to contact me simply leave a comment on the blog, or down on this page.

4 responses to “About

  1. brassmonki

    Hey, I was hoping we could swap blogrolls if your interested, it means a few more hits each 🙂 http://brassmonki.wordpress.com

  2. zeph

    hi, i had a “Gap Military Mock Neck Cardigan” which i wore all the time during the fall and winter months. i have since lost it and cant find anywhere to buy one again. you have an ideas? thanks!

  3. Danita

    Hello, i would like to get in touch with you about removing a link. What is the best way to reach you?

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