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Beautiful And Inspiring Artworks From Serge Mendjisky

Serge Mendjisky is a leading contemporary artist in France. He uses photographs to reinvent space and time in urban landscapes.


Visit Serge Mendjisky Official Website, or Visit these galleries websites: Bel-Air Fine Art Genève, Galerie Palmyre Paris

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Best Of French Street Artist Invader, Part 2

Here is a selection of his best artworks. The first 5 images are about what he calls “rubikubism”. It means that he uses rubik’s cube to create it. The 5 left are pixelised mosaics.

This post is related to the first post about invader. This is the “indoors” best of. Click here to see his “outdoors” best of.

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MWM Graphics: Vectorfunk Series for “MWM Revolve Show” August 2008, L.A.


More Info On MWM Graphics Official Website

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